Discussing Retro Futurism on The Stark Truth

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http://www.starktruthradio.com/?p=2563 Topics discussed: The concept of Retro Futurism as how the past envisioned the future How in the 20th Century society was undergoing rapid change and technological progress How people today are either pessimistic about the future, or view the present as the future(The Current Year) Whether Retro Futurism is pure fantasy, an alternative universe, […]

Discussing Robert Heinlein on The Stark Truth

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I was a guest on The Stark Truth podcast to discuss author Robert Heinlein’s philosophical and political views. We talked about various themes in his work like democracy, sexual liberation, censorship etc.¬†We also contrasted the science fiction in Heinlein’s era vs that in the 1980s as well as today. Interview can be found here: Robert […]