A Short Trip Through The Long View

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Many years ago I saw an interview with Netanyahu of Israel. The reporter asked him something along the lines of would he “ever consider giving up any territories acquired in the Six Day War in 1967.” His response was simply “I don’t ¬†give concessions in advance of negotiations. I get better results that way.” Jewish […]

Discussing Economic Populism on The Stark Truth

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Robert Stark was kind enough to invite me on to co-host with him to discuss economic populism with his guest, Bay Area Guy. The audio can be found here: http://www.starktruthradio.com/?p=2134 Bay Area Guy is well known for writing an article called “The Radical Center,” which was about the growing group of people holding politically centrist […]

Decoded Transmissions and Receiving Mixed Signals

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I had a couple of articles I had about 3/4 finished, but haven’t posted them yet due to events in the news and just generally being busy with other things. I was a guest and co-host on The Stark Truth podcast with Robert Stark for 3 upcoming episodes and will post links to the shows […]

AltLeft Hangout with Millennial Woes

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I was a guest on Millennial Woes’ hangout to discuss the AltLeft with Greg Johnson and Tom Rogers. Clear distinctions were drawn between alternative left thought and the AltRight. More and more it becomes clear that left transhumanism, futurism and liberal attitudes toward sexual experimentation are incompatible with the emerging AltRight(and NatSoc) consensus. The implications […]

The Stark Truth on The AltLeft

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Robert Lindsay and I discuss the AltLeft with Robert Stark on The Stark Truth podcast here. Robert Stark has done a few other podcasts on the AltLeft previously which can be found here: Robert Stark interviews Anatoly Karlin Robert Stark interviews Robert Lindsay about The Alternative Left, Immigration & Cultural Leftist Insanity