Brief Remarks On Gender Roles In the Current Year

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20% of the Saudi parliament was female in 2019, and it has been significantly above 0% since the turn of the millennium. Most of their universities are coed, and some are women-only.

Apparently certain high-profile individuals failed to realise it until this year, even though much of this information is accessible through a source as entry-level as Wikipedia.

So not only are white people NOT going to adopt Saudi gender norms, Saudi Arabia doesn’t even have Saudi gender norms – and furthermore, it is likely that Saudi (or more broadly, Islamic) gender norms were never quite what they were billed and sold to you as.

But you talk a big game about women’s secretly craving patriarchy – why?

Because you know that women fantasise about being sexually dominated (or even raped) by men who are significantly more attractive than you?

Because you think women need “male guidance,” yet fastidiously avoid dating women outside your ideological clique, or only do so on the condition that politics is rarely if ever brought up in conversation?

Because you notice that it seems typical for a culture to allow men to exercise some authority over women if and only if women’s survival depends on it?

Because you think you are historically learned?

Because you think the global cultural shibboleth of feminism is an elaborate game of 8-dimensional underwater backgammon to test your manhood – a game which ends, how else, but with your ego being reaffirmed?

If this is you, it might be time to get fucking real.