Strike a Blow Against Global Cubicle-ism, Part III

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Just wanted to give a brief update. The lack of articles over the past couple weeks is due to my finishing up a new book of poetry, hopefully to be out within the next month. Writing it has consumed most of my time the last month or so. It might seem strange to some, but as a lifelong hypochondriac I always feel like I’m potentially weeks from death, and whatever I’m working on I just *have* to finish by then. How’s that for creating an artificial sense of urgency to complete a project? Well it’s not artificial if you really believe it.

It’s also very difficult to find writers that aren’t only interested in writing about edgy politics. I personally would rather write reviews of obscure 1970’s astrology books, but somehow end up back to opining about controversial topics again and again, which only attracts more interest from¬†people I have little in common with. So, if you see content on this site that isn’t political in focus or related to hot button like “race,” “feminism,” “nationalism,” and instead see articles about Intellivision and the aesthetics of Seventeen Magazine circa 1995 and you think “wtf is this shit?” Recognize that you may have walked into the wrong bar.

Anyway, I do have a couple of short articles coming up, including one on the return of  American Apparel.

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