No, Soy is Not “Feminizing” the West

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I had been planning to write a response to this idiotic video from Rebel Media which insinuates that consumption of soy products is feminizing the west. To be honest, I’m not really much into comprehensive “debunking.” When I detect when people misinterpreting studies or drawing wild conclusions from incomplete data and poor reasoning, my tendency is just to write those individuals off as kooks and move on or simply focus on other areas where we have common interests. Anything else generally seems like a waste of time. Persuading people with evidence and logic is only a sustainably worthwhile endeavor if the person you’re dealing with knows how to think critically (or even cares about the truth.) If someone hasn’t learnedĀ how to analyze information and process it (to the extent such a skill can even be taught and isn’t some genetic quirk) then they won’t really be able to compute the evidence you provide them or properly weigh it against that which supports other opposing arguments. Even if they’re receptive to whatever you present them, ten minutes later, they’ll be believing the next quacky claim or conspiracy. They’re just wired (or have short circuited) that way. Anyhow, I know a thing or two about the topic of soy, because I spentĀ a lot of time researching hormones when I was younger because I was interested in their effects on everything from life extension to acne to aging to hair loss. This was originally what introduced me to realization that many people cannot interpret studies, sometimes even comically so. One example that sticks out in my mind was people confusing the effects of certain hormones on body/facial hair with their effects on scalp hair (sex hormones which inhibit facial and body hair growth typically have the opposite effect on scalp hair and vice versa.) You get the idea.

Luckily, an intelligent and thorough youtuber named Swayze Foster took the time to debunk the Rebel Media video on soy, so my lazy ass didn’t have to anything but write a couple of vaguely related, rambling paragraphs. Her video won’t make much difference though, since many of the people who believe Faith Goldy’s unsubstantiated claims about soy also believe in demons and magic and are unlikely to be receptive to Foster’s line of reasoning.