Nicole Sund Takes a Stab at Debunking Vaccine Myths

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It’s not really a comprehensive debunking, as there is a lot more material to cover, but what she does well is illustrate how flimsy and absurd the “evidence” is that InfoWars bases many of their conclusions on. Most people who are fans of infowars just accept their bombastic claims at face value. Others are simply incapable of analyzing evidence critically or of properly interpreting the results of studies. I see this time and time again on Twitter and elsewhere with people citing studies about soy and sex hormones and fluoride and everything under the sun. For the most part, I just don’t even bother to say anything or point out the flaws in their interpretation because I’ve found that the people who think this way are simply unreachable with logic. It isn’t difficult in my mind to look at conflicting sources and weigh the evidence, but InfoWars attracts a certain kind of personality that is unlikely to be persuaded by evidence based presentation. So in my mind it’s a waste of time.

Still, I have to applaud Nicole for taking one for the team and actually watching several Alex Jones videos and researching the validity of their claims. I’ve been out on the fringes of politics for so long that it’s refreshing to watch someone with a fully functioning brain in action, calmly and methodically debunking quackery.