Pool’s Processing

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There’s a lot that I relate to in this video by Tim Pool, especially regarding the way people have been redefining words, which inadvertently redraws ideological battle lines as people suddenly find themselves on the opposing side by default. In an otherwise interesting video, he himself misuses the (albeit relatively new) term “AltLeft” multiple times. He utilizes it to refer to the extreme social justice warriors rather then its original proper usage which was for pro-white and anti-pc people who hold liberal views on a wide variety of issues and didn’t quite fit into the AltRight. The real AltLeft is a combination of refugees and cast outs from the AltRight and people from the left that reject what they perceive as the utter lunacy of the social justice freaks. It was essentially for anyone willing to discuss taboo topics without bundling them with a laundry list of conservative extras. If you don’t believe me, then realize this blog is nearly 2 years old, and people like Robert Lindsay and I were using the term well before that.

Instead Pool uses the term “AltLeft” in the form that was nothing but a media invention created by clueless “dems are the real racists” republicans like Hannity that actually think the term AltRight is a negative slur and wanted to throw it back at the left as if it’s an insult or something (it isn’t.) Tim Pool is still in the mindset that we all need to stop being dicks to each other. This eventually becomes a tiresome position to take when you realize the sentiment isn’t universal or reciprocated by those who see their identities as being uniquely oppressed victim groups. Everyone ultimately may be forced to pick a side that one half of himself is diametrically opposed to. If we’re lucky we’ll have more than just two options in this Choose Your Own Adventure dystopia. There’s an internal battle that goes on in addition to whatever external one we each find ourselves in.