Death Wish For Killer Whales

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So I hadn’t seen Orca (1977) since it was on HBO sometime in the early to mid 80s. Even then I didn’t recall much of the plot (besides the obvious.) The only scene I really remembered is when the main character is trapped on the floating iceberg at the end, and the whale tilts it, […]

From Slacker to Shitlord – Confessions of a Reluctant Generation X “Activist”

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I hate writing about politics. I would rather be writing movie reviews. I don’t even like politics. The only reason I write about politics is because at some point a few years ago, everything became so politicized that it became almost impossible to to disengage and detach from it on any practical level. There is […]

The Unreality of “Non-Racist” Race Realism

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Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about “anti-racist” or “non-racist” race realism in certain circles. Basically all it strikes me as is some kind of bizarre euphemistic rationalization for someone who says and believes racist things but wants to insist they are against racism, perhaps by implying that they aren’t going to act […]

Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle For Maximum Political Autonomy

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In many parts of Europe you can be jailed for speaking out on certain topics. In the US however, the government pretty much let’s people say whatever they want with the exception of promoting violence and a few other caveats which are deemed off limits. The primary avenues suppression of speech here are through corporations, […]

A Proposal To Go Away

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Some friendly fellow named “Lord Keynes,” who seems mostly preoccupied with Post-Keynesian economics, made a post on his blog called “Proposal for an Alt Left Political Program.”  In it he makes the claim that my wing “doesn’t even belong in the Alt Left.” Group (1) doesn’t even belong on the Alt Left at all in […]