A Framework For Identity

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So I’d love to finally ditch this brand and start a new site, but it’s tough to justify starting another site when this one already gets a substantial amount of traffic. Stark seemed to think I should keep blogging here and capitalize on the momentum.

The AltLeft seems to be attracting a new faction of people who want to be “neutral” on the issue of race. A lot of them are “left libertarian” gamergate types who are critical of third wave feminism but reject the AltRight because of racism. People like Sargon of Akkad and Shoe0nhead come to mind. They think any identity politics is bad and that people who defend white identity are just “the mirror image of SJWs ” In fact, this is becoming the dominant faction. They’re basically people who just think this social justice warrior craze has gone too far, and they want to turn the clock back to like 1995 when it was just slightly less prevalent. As I’ve stated a million times before, this will never work. Without addressing the implications of large scale demographic changes and making a point to resist such changes, you’ll never get the type of society you idealize. “Race neutrality” or “colorblindness” is itself an expression of white identity(this is one reason why SJWs always accuse people who advocate race neutrality as white supremacists.) Blacks and other groups advocate for their own unapologetically and see race everywhere. They readily exploit your altruism while you are busy being “neutral.” To try to “teach” them not to do this(or insinuate that you can teach them anything) and focus strictly on individual merits will be seen as supremacist paternalism and a denial of the uniqueness black experiences .Of course, there may be the occasional oddball Black or Mexican that rejects identity politics, but even then usually if you ask them a few probing questions you’ll find they still accept the underlying premises(“US was never a white country,” “We are a nation of immigrants,” etc.) Their identity is still there bubbling below the surface.

Not only that, when a city or a country becomes 70-80% non-white, it will most certainly not retain any “race neutrality” toward white people. Imagine being the white guy in an 80% black country who says “Guys, we’re all just one race, the human race. Here’s what I think we all should do about problem XYZ which would help everyone rather than focus on awarding reparations.”  They will basically just laugh and be like “Whitey, sit your ass down and shut up. We’re in charge now.” Only it won’t actually be you of course. It will be your children and their future that you sold out for nothing but a bit of virtue signaling. Do you want your kids to live in a city that looks like Baltimore or Detroit or the shitty parts of Oakland? Do you want them to go to a high school where they get taunted by mobs of low IQ mestizos, because the school is 95% Mexican? Have you ever felt while walking through a ghetto neighborhood late at night that you had nothing to worry about because this was a “race neutral” environment? In South Africa, whites are running for their lives. Perhaps that wouldn’t happen here, but at the very least don’t expect going to the movies to be a quiet and pleasant experience.

As the white population grows smaller and hordes of people from the third world continue to increase in both number and political clout, the prospect for race neutrality will continue to decrease even further as these groups consolidate their power to squeeze whatever advantage they can out of the system.

It would be nice to go back to the way things were in the 60’s, but it won’t happen because we don’t have the same demographics that we had in the 60’s. Perhaps we could have abandoned identity politics if we had maintained the level of homogeneity of that time period. We could probably have found away to cope with the diversity we had, assimilated to the extent that was possible, and ended up with something that looked more or less like the multiracial social cohesion depicted in Battlestar Galactica(70’s version.) Now of course it’s too late, and we’ll get Battle for the Planet of the Apes instead.

Of course, thanks to some very misguided immigration policies, the US is too diverse now to return to even 1980s racial demographics.  That doesn’t mean we have to just “suck it up” and learn to live with it though. Almost nobody in the pro-white community is still invested in the nation of “America” as it is conceptualized today. Most are already thinking in terms of post-America and the likely Balkanization of the country, a breakup along various regional and ethnic lines.  Basically whites in general have 4 options:

  1. Avoid identity politics and focus on class and other unifying issues(in other words, “beg for mercy from the new non-white majority 20 years from now and hope the country doesn’t turn our like South Africa or Brazil”
  2. Advocate for your own racial group unapologetically and see what part of the country, if any, can be salvaged for western civilization
  3.  Try to eke out a living and keep your head down. Try to interact as little as possible with invaders and instead run out the clock until you die.
  4. Flee the country to somewhere less pathologically ethnomasochistic  and less hostile to white interests(Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Antarctica.)

My view on dealing with minorities is that you should for the most part treat people as individuals on a personal level, enjoying each of them for who they are. A nation making policy though has to look at the big picture and recognize patterns at the group level when considering broader implications of policy decisions relating to large scale demographics.