Amalgamy Bears

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I’m thinking of joining a group blog that will be more like a literary/cultural magazine, rather than just politically oriented. I have a few other similar writers in mind that I will probably invite. My experience with “group blogs” before though has usually been that I’m the one who ends up doing most of the writing, and other writers contribute an article or two and then lose interest.

I think the left/right paradigm is mostly dead and meaningless at this point. I’d like to just get beyond all of it and just write what I think, letting the chips fall where they may. The problem I have always had, is that no matter how far to the left one is on most issues, if you’re a racialist they always call you “far right.” Or they will say you’re just “Third Positionist” or “Strasserite.” Yet, all the third positionists I’ve ever met tend to be hardcore social conservatives and cultural reactionaries. They combine social conservatism with economic socialism. There isn’t really a label for cultural leftism combined with economic leftism combined with racialism(although it is certainly a more prevalent amalgam than people like to admit to themselves.) ┬áNo matter what, if you reject racial egalitarianism and diversity, they throw you in with the far right. Of course, when I was part of the right, conservatives and reactionaries would always say “how are you right wing when you think people should be allowed to marry robots? and you are okay with sexual promiscuity and actually like 50’s and 60’s counter culture? how are you right wing if you like modern art? like do you even lift? Anyway you get the idea.

Is there room for a chic, left wing, futurist variety of “soft fascism?” Probably not. However, rather than dwell on unsolvable ideological equations, I’d rather just abandon labels and write whatever. I’ll be absorbed into something I suppose, even if it’s the abyss.