Not Much

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I haven’t been updating as much because I’ve been doing so many podcasts and have been busy book writing. Also, I haven’t really had much to say.  I find that I just have the same debates over and over with people, and I end up refuting the same arguments again and again.

Some weird, LARPy Christian blog linked to an article on here and wrote about it. It’s almost impossible to get away from these people. They never leave you alone.

Trump’s VP pick was terrible, so I was expecting Trump to give a watered down speech at the convention. The address was better than I thought it would be though, except for some of the neocon “get tough on Iran” portions. As mild as it was in terms of nationalism, it still managed to horrify all the right people, if you know what I mean.

To be honest I don’t care to write much about party politics. It just isn’t that interesting to me, and I don’t like to pretend that anything much will change for the better.