Lousy Human Bastards

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Yes, animal lives are sometimes more valuable than human lives.  Just walk around any Walmart for 20 minutes or scan the seas of mesmerized fat faces in a crowd at your average sportsball game, and try to tell me that those “human” lives would be worth preserving if they fell into an enclosure of a captive animal that lives its entire life in a tiny space on display for the consumption of morons.

Let’s look at the circumstances here surrounding Harambe, who was shot and killed in the care of the Cincinnati Zoo without any real justification:

  1. The gorilla was in an impossible situation that was entirely created by humans and behaved remarkably well under the circumstances.
  2. The enclosure was poorly secured if a child was able to easily enter it…again the fault of humans.
  3. The parent neglected to adequately supervise the child, thus perpetuating this tragedy.
  4. The gorilla did not attack the child. It didn’t even seem angry. If it had wanted to harm the child, it could have violently killed the little boy in two seconds. If anything  it appeared to be trying to protect him and keep him safe.
  5. People say that a tranquilizer dart would have taken 5-10 minutes to work, and so the gorilla had to be shot. However, there’s no indication the boy was in any imminent danger, or that the gorilla needed to be tranquilized at all. Given that the gorilla showed no signs of hostility or ill intentions, not shooting the gorilla would have been a chance worth taking. This is especially evident knowing that the totality of these events was imposed upon the gorilla, who was just minding its own business.

This animal was betrayed by humans in the worst way.  There’s no getting around that.