Strike a Blow Against Global Cubicle-ism

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Let’s face it. Working any job sucks ass, but we’ve all worked some jobs that sucked more ass for less money. Clearly I don’t care much about money. Aside from the aesthetic of 1970’s Las Vegas, I don’t care much for capitalism. In this day and age though, money buys freedom and more importantly…it buys free speech. Writing in this sphere consumes a lot of time and energy, and it pays nothing. Even many of your allies end up hating you. If you’ve enjoyed things I’ve written over the last couple of years and want to donate something you can do so using bitcoin. I have a lot of literary and other projects in the works outside of this blog. Your support is appreciated, but I’ll still write anyway.

“It has nothing to do with pay. Either you love what you’re doing, or … Look, I wrote for years, and I wasn’t paid. My love carried me through all those years. I sold newspapers on the street corner. When I was twenty-two, I was making ten dollars a week. When I started making twenty dollars a week from selling stories, I quit selling newspapers. You’re either in love with what you do, or you’re not in love.” -Ray Bradbury

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