Lousy Human Bastards

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Yes, animal lives are sometimes more valuable than human lives. ¬†Just walk around any Walmart for 20 minutes or scan the seas of mesmerized fat faces in a crowd at your average sportsball game, and try to tell me that those “human” lives would be worth preserving if they fell into an enclosure of a […]

Curiouser and Obscuriouser

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A number of curious people have stumbled upon the AltLeft recently and written about it. I don’t normally respond to these kinds of posts, because they are typically coming from such a confused perspective that there’s nothing to really engage with. Anyway, I appreciate that good people are taking an interest in us even if […]

New York Neon

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Robert Stark and I interviewed Thomas E. Rinaldi, author of the book, “New York Neon.” It was a fascinating discussion about the history of neon signs, their decline, and what future they might have. Thomas has devoted a great deal of time to¬†photographing and documenting remaining neon signs while they’re still here. I was very […]

Strike a Blow Against Global Cubicle-ism

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Let’s face it. Working any job sucks ass, but we’ve all worked some jobs that sucked more ass for less money. Clearly I don’t care much about money. Aside from the aesthetic of 1970’s Las Vegas, I don’t care much for capitalism. In this day and age though, money buys freedom and more importantly…it buys […]