A Short Trip Through The Long View


Many years ago I saw an interview with Netanyahu of Israel. The reporter asked him something along the lines of would he “ever consider giving up any territories acquired in the Six Day War in 1967.” His response was simply “I don’t  give concessions in advance of negotiations. I get better results that way.” Jewish people are notorious for being shrewd and formidable negotiators, and I have experienced this first hand many times in dealing with them.

I bring this up because Robert Lindsay wrote a brief post outlining his position on race and the AltLeft. First off, I want to say that I think it’s good if we can establish a healthy network of different blogs with a variety of viewpoints. My impression from reading Lindsay’s work semi-regularly is that Robert is more moderate and tolerant than I am on racial issues, while I’m probably more progressive on gender and sex related issues. Since he has articulated his views on race, I will give a brief overview of mine:

I take the long view on race, which is to say I approach it in terms of looking at the end game scenarios of trends and policies,  analyzing and magnifying micro trends through a macro lens.

It’s very easy to be against white nationalism, white separatism and all of that. The logistics and viability of it are questionable even for those who are sympathetic to it or otherwise have no moral objections. I’m not even sure I could/would live my life according to the standards of many proponents of nationalism, many of which rival even fervent bible thumpers in their social conservatism. Whites seem to be naturally inclusive and altruistic. It is likely there would always be exceptions made in one form or another. However, like Netanyahu understands, the starting point affects the end game. We’d have to begin with a highly restrictive group to even hope to achieve an 85% or 90% European society. If one says “I think living in an 80% white state would be sufficient to maintain our culture,” then there’s a good chance you’ll only end up with a 55% majority, which will quickly dwindle to 45% and so on. It’s almost comical that as of right now, whites have basically zero in group racial solidarity or tribal cooperation, yet here we are already making concessions and arguing to include others…even though we don’t even have anything yet! We have nothing. We’re not even out of the gates let alone closing them behind us!

For me, it comes down to this: There is no predominantly black part of a city anywhere in the world that I would desire to live in. Every city in the US that has come to be dominated by nonwhite(excluding east Asian) demographics is a totally miserable place to live if you’re white. Once you come to that realization, the next logical step for someone with self preservation instincts and future time orientation would be to prevent these demographic changes from manifesting in other places we may currently or potentially someday reside in. If having  a 90% black or Mexican population leads to terrible conditions for white people, then working toward white in-group awareness and cooperation in opposing this seems logical and perfectly reasonable.

There are many people in the “race realist” community involved in the esoteric study of racial IQ differences and other aspects of human biological diversity. Some seem content to just say “Hmm, interesting..” at the findings. Okay, but why not actually “do” something with this information? Yes, there is a lot of “hatred for whites,” and this will in fact increase. As whites become a minority, and other groups assume more and more power, they will simply squeeze even tighter until they’ve sucked every last drop of perceived worth out of us. Your children will grow up being lectured about how evil white people are, and if these kids can manage to snag whatever non-outsourced service industry jobs are left, they will be vengefully reprimanded regularly about privilege and oppression by some insufferable affirmative action boss.

With few exceptions, only whites even think in terms of “wanting to help all the races.” Other groups advocate for their own ethnic groups exclusively and will unapologetically exploit your altruism to do so. Let’s say you have a few non-whites who don’t engage in identity politics or don’t openly express hatred for white people. We’ve all worked with individuals from different races that we liked and got along with personally, but that nice black guy or Mexican you work with probably still votes against your interests. I treat people as individuals personally but it’s important to always keep an eye on the big picture:

What happens when there are millions of them? What pressures or incentives would they have to not simply assert their tribal group interests? More importantly, what could I do about it at that point? anything? We saw what happened in countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe when whites became a minority.  It wasn’t pretty.  Yeah, this guy  I worth with seems all right, but maybe diversity just isn’t worth it for us in the end.

A society becoming majority non-white results in it being transformed irreversibly in ways I find undesirable. Not just in obvious examples like violent crime but also in terms of cultural experience. What sort of television programming would exist in a 90% nonwhite society? What kind of music would be on the radio? What sort of movies would be playing in the theater? What would the architecture look like? What kind of clothing would women be able to wear in public? What sort of priority would be given to space exploration and advanced sciences? How would people talk? What would the experience be like at school for your children? What sort of history would be taught to them and how would it be framed? If you import high time preference groups even at low levels, they will reproduce at a faster rate and eventually outnumber and come to dominate the native population.

I happen to like Asian-Americans(though I’ve never been attracted to Asian girls) and find Japanese and Vietnamese people to enhance our culture, but if our society were to become dominated by them demographically I would likely feel like a tourist in my own neighborhood, city and country. Like it or not, identity politics is here to stay. We can actively pursue and embrace our own or passively assimilate into someone else’s. “Being human isn’t always happy.”