Doing Lines For Trump

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The winter of 1986 was the last time I had been to Fountain Hills. My grandparents took some of our family there to see the great fountain. It’s just the sort of ¬†out of the way landmark that your favorite grandparents would be excited about. Whenever I think of the place, I can’t help but […]

Discussing Economic Populism on The Stark Truth

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Robert Stark was kind enough to invite me on to co-host with him to discuss economic populism with his guest, Bay Area Guy. The audio can be found here: Bay Area Guy is well known for writing an article called “The Radical Center,” which was about the growing group of people holding politically centrist […]

Decoded Transmissions and Receiving Mixed Signals

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I had a couple of articles I had about 3/4 finished, but haven’t posted them yet due to events in the news and just generally being busy with other things. I was a guest and co-host on The Stark Truth podcast with Robert Stark for 3 upcoming episodes and will post links to the shows […]