Would You Pay a Penny to Save a Woman Who Thinks Differently?

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So, my recent piece, “The Most Dangerous Intersections” turned out to be rather prescient, with the Cologne attacks occurring just a few days later…which ignited a firestorm of discussion about feminism, western women and refugees. Manosphere types are fine with refugees attacking women because they presume those European women must have supported multiculturalist policies.


It’s good to know that these men would not protect their own sisters, female friends or mothers from rapefugees if these women did not hold conservative or libertarian views. People like Clarey seem oblivious to the role greedy conservative businessmen and libertarians have played in promoting multiculturalism and open borders policies. Almost every big business in the United States promotes mass immigration from impoverished 3rd world countries as a means of acquiring dirt cheap labor. Funny though that people like Clarey doesn’t consider capitalists traitors even though they’d be the first to sell anyone down the river for a buck. Yet naive women and children who’ve been indoctrinated since birth to believe all cultures and people are equally civilized somehow deserve to be raped and assaulted.

I’ve got an idea. Instead of trying to score cheap points against feminists, let’s separate the ones who care about their countries from the ones who don’t. Meanwhile we can focus on the bigger problem, which is the transnational capitalists, media companies and academic institutions that institutionally fuel the promotion of mass immigration at all levels.

These manosphere bros always accuse people of “white knighting” and assume sexual motivation for positive action towards a female…because they themselves are of the capitalist mindset that is basically “what can I get out of this transaction?” Sometimes you just stick up for people because they are part of your tribe, or even if they aren’t…because it’s just empathy for a fellow human. You’re not even expecting or wanting anything in return.

In the 1978 film, Heaven Can Wait, Warren Beatty plays a star football player who ends up dying before his time, and so he gets put into the body of a CEO named Leo Farnsworth. He gives a memorable speech  at the company board meeting that horrifies all the executives:

What if we had a good-guy tuna company that was on the porpoise team? A lot of these guys would buy that, so their kids wouldn’t get mad at them, right? We don’t care how much it costs, just how much it makes. If it costs too much, we charge a penny more. We make it part of the game plan. “Would you pay a penny to save a fish who thinks?”

Now nevermind the fact that a porpoise is not actually a fish(this was intentional to show he was just winging it as an outsider in the meeting) and Farnsworth’s lack of business acumen. The point of the speech was to show that he held values beyond money and put communities above profits. Empathy is a primary component of western civilization and group survival. It’s a shame when it’s naively misdirected toward outgroups who don’t(can’t?) reciprocate and merely exploit it, but indifference to rapefugee culture isn’t the answer.


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