The Most Dangerous Intersections

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It’s easy to understand why many right wing reactionaries express tepid support for Arab and African immigration to Europe and the United States, or at the very least wish to adopt some European equivalent of Islamic values into society. Many traditional conservatives get a semi-boner for Islam, because they think that what western civilization has become is itself so alien to them that it’s no longer worth saving. Better to usher in the barbarian hordes or channel their mentality to stamp out feminism, homosexuality and weak men. In my experience, asking a few probing questions to some of these individuals reveals that many of these chauvinistic manospherian reactionaries are themselves crypto –kebabs trying to weasel their Islamic values into European identitarian movements. Many others are genuine though.

Conversely, from an AltLeft, pro-White perspective, the feminists’ share of “intersectional feminism” shouldn’t be seen as the enemy in own right. Rather the target should specifically be the “intersectional” component, which needs to be strongly willed away like the opportunistic disembodied inhabitants of Planet of the Vampires. Far from enhancing feminism and the noble cause of women’s rights, intersectionality necessarily detracts from it.  What other conclusion could one possibly come to?

According to Wikipedia:

Intersectionality holds that the classical conceptualizations of oppression within society, such as racism, sexism, classism, ableism, biphobia, homophobia, transphobia and belief-based bigotry, do not act independently of one another. Instead, these forms of oppression interrelate, creating a system of oppression that reflects the “intersection” of multiple forms of discrimination.

The problem with intersectionality is that the various forms of “oppression”outlined above, don’t interrelate in the ways that are claimed. Some of these things are not like the others! To be sincerely invested in advocating for feminism and women’s rights actually requires one to become more racist. Intersectionality has in fact harmed the cause of women’s rights by refusing to acknowledge the disproportionate rate at which non-whites and third world immigrants rape and commit violent or disrespectful acts toward western women. When intersectional feminists do point out this behavior, almost always the racial component is ignored, and it is attributed to just “men,” “youths,” “teens” etc.  A good example of this was the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal in Britain, in which 1,400 underage girls had been abused by gangs of Pakistani men. You would think feminists would have been vocal in speaking out about this horrific abuse, but due to “intersectionality” and anti-racism, it was brushed under the rug. People like Nick Griffin, who did try to draw attention to these types of problems back in 2004(nearly 10 years before anyone bothered to do anything) were charged with suspicion to incitement of racial hatred(ie. crimethink.) When a far right shitlord is the only one defending teenage western women from hordes of barbarous rapists, then it might be time to recognize that intersectional feminism is a bust. Many secular women who have escaped from Arab or Islamic countries know this, which is why even if they are far left, they stick with the tried and true variety of feminism(ie advocating for women… without any alchemic PC admixture.)

There are countless other relatable phenomenon and broadly observable patterns. In Scandinavian countries,  non-whites commit rape and other violent felonies at vastly higher rates than native European caucasians. Feminists should be clamoring to restrict 3rd world immigration to minimize the hostile elements in their societies, but they don’t. They advocate for less restrictions on immigration! Why? because intersectionality and its maze of grievances apparently prioritizes anti-racism, political correctness and anti-whitism. Advocacy for actual women’s safety is relegated to the back of the bus, to be wasted on trivial frivolities like “transmisogyny” and “Bechdel Tests.” 

It doesn’t make sense for those who claim to primarily be concerned with empowering women to import large numbers(or any numbers) of people from Middle Eastern or African countries. Statistically speaking, when you bring non-whites into your society, you’re inviting a rape culture exponentially more threatening than whatever “Douche Ness” monsters are lurking at the average whitey fratbro house(and yeah I hate those guys, too.) Remember when that cat calling video went viral?  The one of a Jewish girl walking in New York City for 10 hours and being hollered at and bothered by random men on the street. It backfired of course, because people observed that most of the obnoxious men doing the cat calling were non-white. This was something you weren’t supposed to notice, because you’re never supposed to notice race unless it is a white male committing oppression in his natural habitat. Yet deep down everyone knows that non-whites(with the exception of East Asians) are typically much more obnoxiously aggressive in hitting on women, and they are more abusive once in relationships as well.

When push comes to shove, intersectionalists are more invested in promoting white guilt than advocating for women’s rights. If man is the most dangerous game, then intersectional feminists’ insistence on demonstrating solidarity with the most violently  misogynist demographics, can only result in talented and capable western women being reduced to navigating the most dangerous intersectionsjust when they’ve finally gotten themselves on the road to success. I don’t write this as some kind of “concern troll.” Unlike traditionalists and manosphere chauvinists, I genuinely like and admire intelligent, confident, creative, sexually liberated, independent and sassy western women. I would love to see that sass weaponized in the battle against western civilization’s mutual enemies, not directed as friendly fire toward allies you didn’t even realize you had.

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