AltLeft Charades

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Nick B Steves in a recent post struggles to distinguish AltLeft from “national socialism.” So, allow me to clarify for him or anyone else… AltLeft in simple terms is just a collection of people who hold leftist beliefs on a number of issues and culturally and socially identify with the left to one degree or another, while being racially aware. It isn’t pinned down to any specific political or economic system. National socialism was not particularly known for social and cultural leftism(pro-feminism, 60s fashion etc) or engaging in anti imperialist sentiment. That is not to say that someone can’t be NatSoc and also AltLeft, yet AltLeft people are just those who don’t sign on for the right intersectionalism that is presumed in reactionary conservative circles.

The AltRight on the other hand is made up mostly of just people who hold standard republican views on virtually all issues but are just much edgier on race, feminism and democracy. Outside of being pro-white and rejecting ethnomasochism, I have almost nothing in common with southern and/or religious right wing reactionaries, whether it be socially, culturally or politically.

AltLeft mostly grew from my own experiences overhearing hipster leftist white friends occasionally make race realist comments or jokes, but knowing they would never sign on to any pro-white movement that came bundled with a laundry list of right wing add-ons like Christian theocracy, hardcore traditionalism, overt misogyny,  men’s rights(lol,)  anti-sex, anti modern medicine etc.

The AltLeft are people who largely bought into racial egalitarianism, but have seen the conflict within their gentrified neighborhoods/social circles and subsequently have begun to question the narrative they’ve been fed. The AltLeftist is the guy who’s minding his own business sipping his latte at some fair trade, locally owned coffee shop, listening to an indie folk music podcast while some Mexican gangster is outside stealing his beach cruiser. People like this can only ignore so many of these incidents before they admit to themselves that multiculturalism is failing on some level. Many of them know this. They want to talk about it. They want to be honest, but they have nowhere to turn to.  If our neighborhoods and cities and countries become overwhelmed by the third world, almost everything we enjoy will be gone as well.

That’s  what the AltLeft is all about.